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Contributors’ Convictions: A Bitcoin Legacy Letter

Why spend scarce and irreplaceable time toward building and bettering Bitcoin? What convinces us that Bitcoin is the exit strategy against the existing fiat scheme? Who benefits from a decentralized, immutably hard monetary system? Why bother? These are inevitable inquiries we can expect from our children, grandchildren and future questioning …

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Touchdown! Goal! Knockout! Crypto and sports collide in 2021

Cryptocurrencies and sport have continued to collide in 2021 with synergies between the two proving to be fruitful on a number of fronts. The relationship between the sports world and the various applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has slowly been expanding over the past few years. Humble beginnings of …

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The year for Bitcoin — A 2021 roundup of the flagship crypto

While 2021 did provide some sort of respite for investors operating across the global crypto landscape, it was still largely been driven by fears that first reared their ugly heads back in 2020. From rising inflation rates to another wave of coronavirus-related outbreaks, the ground beneath everyone’s feet continued to …

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What’s ahead for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 1

Sandra is CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, an industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem. “​​In 2022, it will be ‘corporate career risk’ to not have a baseline understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. From bankers to corporate executives to politicians, it is imperative that they get on …

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DAOs are the foundation of Web3, the creator economy and the future of work

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) started out as a simple concept envisioned as organizations, created by an idea and fueled by developers, that automate business functions and processes by leveraging smart contracts and all the fundamental tenets of blockchain. The core idea was to flatten the complex business process that various …

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Indian taxman recovers $6.62M from WazirX for evading tax on commission

Indian crypto exchange WazirX has reportedly paid over $6.62 million (49.2 crore rupees) following non-payment of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on trade commissions. The total recovery includes the pending tax of $5.43 million (40.5 crore rupees), the interest and a penalty for non-payment. Government officials from the Central GST …

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Is 2022 The Year Bitcoin Proves Itself On The World Stage?

2021 seemed like the year cryptocurrency grew up. Bitcoin broke out of its three-year bear market in November 2020, going on a massive rally vaulting it into mainstream public consciousness. It was a great year for enthusiasts for sure. We saw Bitcoin become legal tender in El Salvador, and other …

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