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Marathon Mined 3,197 BTC In 2021, An 846% Increase YoY

Marathon mined 3,197 bitcoin in 2021, an 846% increase from the previous year. In December, the company produced 147% more bitcoin than in November. Marathon received over 10,000 new mining rigs from Bitmain during December. Bitcoin mining company Marathon Digital Holdings had a record year in 2021 as it produced …

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How Bitcoin Will Save Millennials

All generations have rich nostalgia for the decade of their childhood. Our coming of age is our purest time. And for the millennials, it’s probably best encapsulated by the 1990s. The 90s are milk and honey for us. We remain so fond of the music, the TV and cinematic treasures, …

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Bitcoin Mining At Home: Trend To Watch In 2022

Home bitcoin mining is enjoying a wave of popularity right now as would-be bitcoiners recognize all the positive spin-offs of mining at home: home heating, greenhouse projects, and being a part of the bitcoin revolution. As 2021 draws to a close, Bitcoin Magazine has been checking in with a few …

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Wharton Professor: Bitcoin Is The New Gold For Millennials

Bitcoin is providing better protection from inflation than gold, a Wharton finance professor said. Jeremy Siegel added that Bitcoin has replaced gold in the minds of younger investors. The peer-to-peer money outperformed gold by a large margin last year, rising by almost 60% while the metal lost 5% of its …

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Explaining How Compact Blocks Can Make Bitcoin More Efficient

Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To This Episode: “Bitcoin Explained” hosts Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost are back from their travel break for a brand new episode of “Bitcoin, Explained”! In this episode, they explained how Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network is made more efficient and fast with Compact Blocks. …

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The Long Road To Bitcoin Expertise Is Worth The Work

Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To This Episode: Competency in any subject can take hard work and dedication. But Bitcoin, being both technically oriented and encompassing so many disciplines, can be especially challenging. I discussed this idea and much more with Chris Alaimo, one of our recent employee additions …

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Samsung uses blockchain technology to address climate change

Samsung Electronics America announced Monday at the CES Tech Conference in Las Vegas its partnership with veritree, a blockchain-based climate solutions platform, to plant two million mangrove trees in Madagascar over the next three months. veritree uses blockchain technology to manage the reforestation process and verify each tree that is …

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$87B Italian Bank To Add Bitcoin Trading

Banca Generali, an Italian bank with $87 billion in assets, will reportedly integrate Bitcoin services to its platform early this year through a partnership with Bitcoin company Conio. Banca Generali’s over 300,000 customers will soon be able to create a bitcoin wallet directly in their bank account, a feature made …

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