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YouTube Bans Bitcoin Magazine’s 60K Follower Channel

YouTube has just banned the official channel of Bitcoin Magazine during a live stream about Cash App integrating the Lightning Network, bitcoin mining in Kazakhstan, and other Bitcoin-related news. The platform justified the move saying that “content that encourages illegal activities or encourages users to violate YouTube’s guidelines is not …

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Bitcoin App Strike Launches In Argentina

Lightning payments platform Strike has made some of its services available to Argentinians on Tuesday in an effort to “give hope” to a population that suffers from hyperinflation, according to an announcement Twitter thread from its founder Jack Mallers. “Today, we launch a superior financial experience to a country that …

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Solo Bitcoin Miner With Only 120 TH Finds Valid Block

A solo miner won a 6.25 BTC reward on Tuesday, worth about $265,600 at the time of writing, after being able to add a new valid block to the Bitcoin network with a hashrate capacity of just about 120 TH/s in the mining pool Solo CK. “Congratulations to a bitcoin …

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Fidelity Adds Bitcoin Exposure To Traditional ETFs

Fidelity Investments Canada, the country’s first regulated institutional bitcoin custodian, has added a bitcoin allocation to two of its All-in-One exchange-traded funds, a set of low-risk ETFs that seek to provide investors with exposure to different assets, regions, market capitalizations, and investment styles. The addition will change the funds’ risk …

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How Bitcoin Will Transform Society’s Understanding Of Energy

Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To This Episode: In a perfect universe, energy could be stored with zero degradation over time, creating a perfect battery. While the laws of thermodynamics deny this possibility, Bitcoin is the best representation of an entropy-resistant monetary system that humans have ever seen. Few …

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Luxor Launches Bitcoin ASIC Trading Desk

Luxor Technology Corporation has launched an ASIC trading desk to bridge the gap between interested buyers and sellers in the secondary market of bitcoin mining rigs. The bitcoin mining services provider said it would purchase and sell the application-specific integrated circuits for BTC mining on behalf of its team, miners, …

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How Bitcoin 2021 Redefined The Importance Of In-Person Celebration

This article first appeared in Bitcoin Magazine‘s El Salvador print edition. To get this piece of Bitcoin history sent directly to you, subscribe now. There’s nothing inherent about Bitcoin that necessitates in-person gatherings. In fact, much of the success of the open-source software project can be attributed to the fact …

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Bitcoin Is Not Democratic Part One: Problems With Democracy

“…the proponents of government intervention are trapped in a fatal contradiction: they assume that individuals are not competent to run their own affairs or to hire experts to advise them. And yet they also assume that these same individuals are equipped to vote for these same experts at the ballot …

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