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Daily Archives: January 13, 2022

Jack Dorsey’s Block Is Building A Bitcoin Mining System

Financial services firm Block, previously known as Square, is officially engaged in creating a new, open-source bitcoin mining system, CEO Jack Dorsey announced Thursday on Twitter, referencing a more detailed thread on the project’s objectives by the company’s general manager for hardware, Thomas Templeton. “We want to make mining more …

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Making The Decision To Mine Or Purchase Bitcoin

For mining insight, others such as @Diverter and @Econoalchemist have published detailed reports on their experiences and lessons, helping others through the experience and avoiding pitfalls in the mining space. I would like to add to this compendium and address economic aspects, specifically, the question of mining versus outright purchases …

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Arkansas Will Pay You $10K In Bitcoin To Move There

Northwest Arkansas is providing remote workers with an incentive in the form of $10,000 in bitcoin and a bike to relocate to the region, its council said in a Wednesday statement. The effort seeks to attract tech and entrepreneur talent to the state’s growing tech talent. “Northwest Arkansas is one …

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Bitcoin App Strike In Argentina: Under The Hood

The launch of the Lightning payments app Strike in Argentina generated a lot of confusion on Twitter after customers started downloading and using it to find out they didn’t get an actual Bitcoin wallet. Despite the muddiness, however, the Strike launch there resembles the same dynamic the company resorted to …

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Apartment Bought In Mexico For 5.78 Bitcoin

Latin American real estate platform La Haus has made its first home sale for bitcoin two months after it announced it would start accepting the peer-to-peer currency as payment for property sales in Colombia and Mexico. A Peruvian woman exchanged 5.78 BTC for an exclusive apartment located in one of …

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